If you are not a CU Denver Downtown student, this is not the correct form. Please locate and complete the waiver form for the correct campus. If you have a questions, please call the Student Office at 303-556-6273

International Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa must submit all waiver appeals no later than 5:00 pm on the published census date each semester.

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If you have questions while filling out this waiver form, please contact Susie Lederer at susanne.lederer-graham@ucdenver.edu.
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  • The deadline date for submission of this waiver form for the Spring 2016 semester will be February 8th, 2016.
  • ALL waiver forms will be audited and confirmed with the information you provided on the waiver form. If your form is incomplete, we will contact you via email and you will be required to provide additional or missing supporting documentation. If you do not provide proof of conforming insurance or obtain a waiver from UC Denver from the insurance requirement by the deadline you will be charged for the University sponsored insurance premium.
  • If you waive the University sponsored plan and incur services at the Health Center at Auraria, you will have to pay for your charges at the time of service and be reimbursed for any claims paid through your insurance company (unless your insurance is Anthem of Colorado). Dependents cannot be seen at the Health Center at Auraria.
  • A student who willfully fails to maintain a comparable health insurance policy while a student at UC Denver or who makes a material misrepresentation to UC Denver staff or faculty concerning such coverage will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct up to and including the possibility of dismissal from UC Denver.

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 To the best of my knowledge, my policy/health plan meets the comparable coverage standards of the University of Colorado Denver, Downtown Campus.

  By checking this box, I agree that I have read all the information on the waiver process as stated above and that I understand and acknowledge my understanding of the waiver process.

Questions? Please call ECI Toll Free 866.780.3824